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"From Fear to Faith" Available NOW!

To all those that are struggling or have struggled through alcoholism. We were you, and we know God has you covered with his own plan. Our family is so thankful to our community of family and friends who have walked our journey with us. Those who were there without judgment or expectations, who loved us unconditionally and gave us grace.


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What an honor to be able to encourage you to read, to listen, and to learn about the story of two dear friends of mine, Lisa and Hans. In retrospect, it was amazing to me to have been friends with Hans and Lisa and never really see the life’s struggles with which they were dealing on an everyday basis. While the story is still being written, I cannot imagine what their story would look like today without the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, their faith in Him, and their faith and devotion in His love to each other. Hans and Lisa inspire me, and I hope you too will be inspired by their story of faith, restoration, and redemption. It really is an honor.


Dear Lisa and Hans, you both are the answer to our prayers! You came along when we did not know where to turn and completely loved and encouraged us. May our Lord and Savior richly bless you for your kindness!

-John & Sonya

Lisa, you are a true blessing. I am not sure where I would be if it wasn’t for you and your listening ear. Talking to you is a gift like no other . . . There is no judgment, you understand, and there is nothing I could say that would surprise you. Thank you for being a phone call away always.


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